The moving image stands as a profound force in popular culture. Analog video, though fragile, was a revolutionary endeavor, unveiling endless artistic possibilities. Our capacity to manipulate these analog signals paved the way for the mesmerizing tapestry of video art we behold today.

FRGMTed is an archive to house this interference. Employing the process of generation loss and utilizing a diverse array of VHS tapes, ranging from documentaries to NFL blooper reels, Saleem M’Boge abstracts the content within these collected ephemera.

A Sony Mavigraph Video Printer, Originally designed for sonograms, calcifies these artifacts, inviting the audience to explore their complexity at leisure. These images carry a distinctive beauty, born from the embrace of degradation. In contemplating these broken yet evocative images, consider the value found within loss and how it mirrors the shifts in our generational realities.